Climate Change and Winter Tornadoes

winter tornadoes

Generally, big tornadoes rated EF3 or higher occur in the spring. This is because the conditions are moist and warm, allowing for high wind shear. While there are recent examples of big twisters occurring in the winter, most occur in the Southern U.S. Regardless of their origin, winter tornadoes can cause significant damage to structures. …

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Fire whirls and tornadoes

fire tornado

What is a fire whirl? In simple terms, it’s a whirl of fire, often composed of smoke and flame. They start with a strong gust of wind and are usually visible due to the smoke they produce. Fire whirls are sometimes caused by the combination of intense rising heat and turbulent wind conditions. Fire whirls …

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What does a tornado sound like?

what does a tornado sound like

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does a tornado sound like?” You’re not alone. There’s no doubt that this storm is terrifying. While most storms sound very similar, tornadoes produce sounds that are unique to their particular area. They may also be louder, and easier to identify, but a closer listen will reveal that a tornado’s …

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Where is tornado alley?

where is tornado alley

You may have heard of Tornado Alley or even wondered where the region is. Movies like “The Wizard of Oz” and “Twister” have helped to create this myth. While it is certainly true that the entire region can be considered Tornado Alley, many people don’t know that this region is actually just one part of …

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