The Smell of Rain

smell of rain

If you’ve ever noticed that a rainstorm has a distinct smell, you might be wondering how it got that way. Scientists have recently discovered that the smell is actually made up of yellow oil trapped in rocks and soil. This oil is a combination of oils secreted by plants during dry weather and chemicals released …

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What causes rain?

what causes rain

When the sky is cloudy and rain is falling, you may be wondering what causes rain. There are several theories for the cause of rain, but the most common is air movement and the interaction between unstable air masses and plants. We will discuss these theories in this article and provide a few examples of …

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Where Does It Rain the Most in the US? Average precipitation in the wettest cities in America

where does it rain the most in the us

If you’re looking for a place where it rains most in the US, look no further than these four places. Hawaii and Alaska are the wettest US states, and Forks, Washington, has some of the highest rainfall of any American city. If you live in these places, you’re probably wondering: Where is the best place …

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Why Does It Rain? Explanation

why does it rain

Have you ever wondered why does it rain? Here is an explanation of how rain forms. Water vapour is formed when the Earth’s surface is heated by the Sun and turns into tiny droplets of water. These droplets then combine to form clouds. Rainy weather consists of heavy water droplets. Smaller droplets are called drizzle. …

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How to find rainfall totals?

how to find rainfall totals

If you live in a place with seasonal weather, you may be wondering how to find rainfall totals. This article discusses the different ways you can calculate this amount of precipitation. You can use a rain gauge or Cuemath, as well as historical data to calculate rainfall amounts. Listed below are some tips to help …

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